Arrived safely back in Dublin this morning, assembled the bike (with the help of Pádraig’s friend) and was about to cycle home (in the rain) when I got a message that Pat was going to pick me (and the bike) up from the airport. The relief! Not sure, whether my back side would have cooperated on another cycle, even if it had been only a short one:)

It was great to see Pádraig again, to be back home. I had missed him and the rest of the family.

He is still trialling the gadget that will help him to communicate much better than he can now. One part of it works with grids, showing different objects and reading out their names. Pádraig can then select which one of the objects shown he prefers.


And today, on a grid showing different drinks, he picked banana milk – which only I prepare in our house. I’m sure he really does like banana milk, but I could not have wished for a nicer sign of welcome by Pádraig!

I’ll be going to bed early tonight. Can hardly keep my eyes open.