“Here’s one of the most together and exciting groups going – Welcome Focus” that’s how the Dutch group Focus was introduced one evening in 1973 on NBC’s Midnight Special. I had completely forgotten about Focus and their song until I came across them tonight when I was googling Hocus Pocus, which is the name of the song they played that evening live on the show. Really worth listening to. And if you don’t remember that song (or don’t like it, which I’d doubt), you must listen to ‘Sylvia‘ and I promise you to have these “oh – how could I have forgotten that song” revelations. Pure brilliance.

Back to ‘Focus Pocus’. Because I didn’t google this tonight because of the song, but because a good friend earlier this week told me about a game called ‘Focus Pocus‘ he had bought for his kid for 100 bucks and that it was controlled by their mind. Not by buttons, a joystick or a mouse, but electrodes connected to your brain via a small and light headset. – Looks more like a game for kids, but playing a computer game just thinking about what you want to do in the game? How cool ist that?

We spent more time with Pádraig and his new communication device he has on trial. There’s a bit of a learning curve for all of us but, hey, it’s hard even to imagine how this will change his quality of life by really, almost literally, giving him a voice!


Talking about ‘voice’ – Pádraig got a call from his uncle in America. Isn’t it great how he holds the phone, listens, and – it’s hard to see on the picture – how he tried to respond. He made such a big effort that, eventually, he had to cough. It’s great to see this communication working so well. There’s no doubt that Pádraig, one day, will be able to talk again. No doubt.