Support the Great American Cycle I

From Boston to Brewster via Hyannis
26-27 June 2016
Arriving in Brewster (near Bramble Inn) June 27, 10am



Roy of CHIP's house

This is Roy, a gentleman whose son suffered a brain injury some years ago. In 1992, together with other parents, they set up CHIP’s House, a home of our own which provides “a safe, friendly home for people with head injuries”. In 1994, they opened up their first house, they now have two. About 20 survivors of head injuries live here and are being assisted by 48 staff. Their parents, families, and friends set up the house because they did not want their loved ones to be looked after in nursing homes.

Sounds familiar?

I visited Roy in CHIP’s in Centerville today, just a few miles outside of Hyannis, and we agreed to stay in touch and help each other out.

Today, we also got amazing media coverage on the front page of the Cape Cod Times (continued on page 4) and on the front page of the Boston Globe Metro Section.

160628 CCTimes p1 160628 CCTimes p4

160616 The Globe header

160628 Boston Globe

Sitting on the bus to Boston, in a terrible traffic jam. Will still have to go back to the hostel to collect our bags, go to a couple of pubs where we left collection boxes and get the bike wrapped up in a bike shop (fingers crossed) before going to the airport.

Can’t wait to get back an tell Pádraig about this trip and pass on many regards and best wishes from all of his friends in Boston and the Cape. Next time, he’ll come with us.

Thank you to all who supported us along the way. Keep spreading the word. Remember: this was just a short little trial. The real, second part, of the Great American Cycle will start in Hollywood on 04 October and will arrive in Napa on 14 October:)

In the meantime, please help us raising funds for the An Saol Project. We need to raise €1.5m – and we’ll be getting there!