I spent decades of my life learning and teaching and researching about how to make digital content (computer programmes, websites, digital stuff in general) available to people in their language. For free. Gratis. One of the places where I promoted these ideas was the industry’s biggest event, Localisation World, hosted by Ullrich and Donna both of whom have been in the ‘business’ for (almost) as long as I have been. (We won’t haggle over a few years here and there:)

Anyhow, Localisation World is coming to Dublin laster this week. Donna and Ullrich took a day of to visit us and spend some time together.


Over many years (decades?) I had met them at different events, not so over the past three years. Three years ago, they had organised a big fundraiser for Pádraig together with another friend, Tony, at a time when all was still up in the air and we had been still in shock. Today, they mentioned the possibility of maybe organising another big fundraiser for An Saol.

It was a really nice afternoon, talking to two people I used to work with a lot, this time not about ‘business’, but in a much more personal way, as friends.

I had a long conversation with David and Sharon tonight looking at the new website and some videos they have been working on for An Saol. We are almost there. No Irish version yet, but a pretty good-looking English version that will just need a bit of review and tweaking.

Pádraig had another visitor tonight, a regular visitor who talks and reads with him in Irish. My day hasn’t come yet, but it will. The day that I will be able to say more than a cupla focal as Gaeilge.

He is enjoying the visits, different faces, different voices, speaking in different languages, about different things. Isn’t that what life is all about – people doing their thing, interacting, talking, being together, living. Simple.

I’ve been thinking more about how to make people stand up and say ‘no more’. No more maintenance. From now on it’ll be all about life.

How can any one human decide for another human whether their life is meaningful or not? Nobody has the right to decide that all a particular fellow human merits is being fed and hydrated through a tube? That their teeth don’t need attention (they will never be able to eat anyway) and that it doesn’t matter that they get dropped feet (they will never be able to walk again anyways)?

We need to tell the people who suggest it might be better had our family members died that they should keep their views to themselves. We need to shame and blame the people who want to make us and other believe that ‘maintenance’ (rather than neuro rehab in the widest sense) is the only viable option: they are violating the human rights of our loved ones.

I want the scandal to come out, to be heard and seen and felt all over the country. I want everyone to join me to say ‘stop’. How can I achieve this? Still thinking… 🙂

Please don’t forget to promote An Saol Day, 18 June. Please get your tickets for the movie and launch today. Invite your families and friends. We need you there on the day to show our strength and commitment! Like the event on Facebook.