What do you do when you see that something is fundamentally wrong? So wrong that tears come to your eyes. Your stomach turns. You wonder what is wrong with your fellow human beings that they allow this to happen? – Like allowing the body of a person (!) to deteriorate because they might never be able to use it as their brain is severely injured?

Care about their dropped feet? – Why? They won’t ever be able to walk!

Care about their teeth? – Why? They won’t ever be able to eat!

Care about their hands, their arms? Why? – They won’t ever be able to use them again!

Care about their digestive system? Why? – Medication can fix that!

If you are horrified about the thought of someone being given laxatives so that their bowl movements coincide with the working hours of carers. If you believe someone has a right to a life in community. Out and about. If you aren’t happy for the life of persons with severe brain injuries to be determined by mid 19th century lunacy legislation.


Here’s something you can do. Here are your tasks:

  1. Always appreciate that life is something to be cherished and never dismissed – however grave the circumstances.
  2. Tell everybody about it. Tweet. Facebook. Talk.
  3. Join us on 18 June (see below) and make sure to bring along as many family members and friends as possible. Show the media and the politicians and the country that you care.
  4. Support the An Saol Project connecting neurological rehabilitation with the latest research showing that intensive mental and physical exercise is the only proven approach to regain function. – No more neglect. Ever.

Today, we were talking to Pádraig about the launch and the cycle from Boston to Cape Cod the following week – actually, less than three weeks ago. We asked him would he like to go back to Boston and the Cape with us. I don’t have to tell you what he answered. So we rung and then emailed Aer Lingus telling them about Pádraig’s accident and our cycle, and explaining why he needed an executive class seat for such a long flight. Can’t wait to hear back from them!

Please don’t forget to promote An Saol Day, 18 June. Please get your tickets for the movie and launch today. Invite your families and friends. We need you there on the day to show our strength and commitment! Like the event on Facebook.