On the way back from Leitrim, we stopped by Niall’s mother’s house to meet her and Niall’s sister.


What a family!

Niall’s sister Sandy has been maintaining a very active Facebook page about her brother’s accident and following recovery. This is how she introduces it:

This page is for Family and Friends to see Nialls PROGRESS following his TBI in 1989 26 years later, and to give Hope to people with TBI Never say Never

Check it out. It really is an amazing journey, maintaining their energy over almost three decades, against the odds and still making progress!

Today she told us that Niall has made terrific progress in the last few years and she has documented this progress on the Facebook page. It’s such an inspirational family who has maintained their strength despite the difficult times their brother and the whole family had to endure. What Sandy was telling us about their continued fight for her brother’s right to a life with respect and dignity made me so angry. No future seems to be what the health system had in mind for him, but the family and, above all, Niall himself, proofed them wrong.

While we were in the house, Pádraig was listening to every word that was spoken and followed the account word by word.

We hope that Niall and his family will be able to join us on the 18 June for the launch of the An Saol Project!

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