Earlier today, the newly appointed Minister for Health, Simon Harris, tabled a motion in the Dáil to establish a special committee in the Oireachtas to look at “a singular vision for the health service over the next ten years”. It made the news. And journalists were looking for reactions not just from politicians, but from ordinary users of the health system.

Nuacht, the main Irish language news on TV, went to Conradh na Gaeilge and interviewed Maria.

Personally, I think it’s good that this committee is supposed to deliver its plan in six months’ time, but I am not very hopeful that it will and that its work will fundamentally change the dire situation of those who require neurological rehabilitation.

Remember, there is a Neurological Rehabilitation Strategy (2011-2015) which did not even produce a draft implementation plan. This draft plan is now being worked on, but the documents I have see neither include a budget nor a time line – some pretty basic stuff one would think, even if one is not a health expert nor an economist.

If you’re based in Dublin, you will have enjoyed the glorious sunshine over the past few days. Today, one of Pádraig’s friends helped me to drive out to the coast road in Clontarf where we had a long stroll along the sea front, desperately looking for a shop that would sell ice-cream, unsuccessfully.

But it was a brilliant walk nonetheless. Dublin in sunshine is hard to beat.

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