Are you listening? Here’s a story from the cold-face of living in the community, the front line, with a severe brain injury (sABI), about someone in clear, undisputed need of neuro rehabilitation.


About a week ago, a therapist sent an email asking whether we would be ok with an appointment on 20 June. Between talking about recent developments and other stuff, there usually are about 15 minutes left for therapy during those visits. So we’re down to 15 minutes per month.

We also wanted to discuss the use of a MOTOMed with the arm-exercise part (which he hasn’t got at the moment), like the one Pádraig had been using in Hamburg (and which had been subscribed to him by a doctor and therapist). The initial answer was that Pádraig might not be ready for it, but that we could discuss this on the 20th.

To me, this sounds like the story of the standing bed that took, depending on how you count, 6-10 months to get. And in the case of the standing bed, everybody was in agreement that Pádraig needed it straight away and that the money to buy it needed to be made available.

What amazed me most was that there wasn’t a sense of ‘we’re sorry but we haven’t got more resources’, never mind a sense of ‘what an outrage’ – it was more like ‘matter of fact’. Normal.

I want to shout it out from the rooftops: It is neither normal nor acceptable nor right – it is wrong, outrageous, and scandalous that a proper rehabilitation programme is not available to persons with severe Acquired Brain Injury.

The problem is that not enough people are listening. Or is it that not enough people are shouting?

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