The first day without filming in a while. It feels very pedestrian and low-tech. It’s also a bit calmer, less going from one place to another, less trying to arrange meetings. But I think Pádraig really enjoyed the hustle and bustle in the house with loads of things going on. There will be a few days to ‘recover’ before his birthday on Sunday when we hope to welcome a few friends in the afternoon to celebrate his first birthday at home since the accident.


It’s the first day in a while that I’m feeling a bit less tired. Though still tired:)

Right, we really need your help to promote and attend the film and the launch on 18 June. You already know that and are probably sick and tired to hear me repeating myself ad nauseum. BUT – this is really really important.

Please: tell everybody in your family and all of your friends about the two events on 18 June and get your tickets (free, donation optional) on the corresponding Eventbrite page NOW.

There will be guests from at least three international neuro rehabilitation centres as well as Prof. Andreas Bender coming over from abroad for the launch. There will be representatives from ABI Ireland and Headway at the events. We need to show them, as well as the attending media and politicians, that we are a force to be counted on. Do what you can to get commitments from your friends and family that they will definitely attend. Get them to book their tickets. We need to fill the place to the top.

To them it is crystal clear that what is going on is a national scandal.

As you will remember, even a senior rehab consultant just a few months ago said that the only way for this scandal to end would be families “agitating”.

The 18th of June will be “An Saol” day when we will begin this process of agitation.

Please join us and be part of it: Help us to raise the awareness in Ireland that the needs of persons who survived a #sABI and their families are almost completely ignored by the health system. Help us to launch the An Saol Project that will demonstrate how to deliver long-term neurological rehabilitation to survivors of #sABI. Join international researchers, experts, practitioners and those affected on 18 June.

Note that date in your diary right now and get your (free) tickets. Don’t wait. Do it now🙂