This afternoon I went upstairs to have a 30 minutes quick nap. More than two hours later, someone woke me up to do something I just now can’t remember. You’d thought that this helped. I’d thought that this helped. But I’m still so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open.


Since we came back, I wanted to put down some thoughts on the stay in Pforzheim, on the journey to Lourdes. I wanted to say how it was working with our new friend from ‘Hollywood’ interviewing people about their experience with and opinions about severe Acquired Brain Injury: a representative from the Neurological Alliance of Ireland, the CEO of Headway, the founders and owners of the therapy centre in Pforzheim, a consultant, a physio, and a team leader in Burgau, parents of four injured young people. Unfortunately, no-one from the NRH was available, nor from ABI Ireland – though ABI Ireland have said that fully support the An Saol Project and will be there for the movie an the launch on 18 June, and the NRH are still considering what they can do.

Here is something that you must do NOW (if you haven’t done so yet):

  • Register for the movie and register for the launch right NOW (should you not have done so already)
  • Ask your parents and children and friends to register today. Tomorrow, check with them whether they actually did register.

Remember – this launch will have to be our biggest show of strength and, at the same time, outrage about the way persons with a severe acquired brain injury are treated. We have to show our strength at the launch and our ability to deliver the three year pilot project demonstrating what neurological rehabilitation can achieve for #sABI survivors.