There are days when I’m wrecking my head, when I think there’s nothing interesting to write about, when I wonder what you might think about my tired attempts to write down what was important that day.

The later it gets, the more difficult it is for my head not to hit the keyboard. I am writing on an Apple which decides to block the keyboard if I keep my finger down on a any particular keys. I have to open what I was writing in some other window and hope that what I had written will still be there.

KeyboardPádraig is doing well and we are planning his birthday for this coming Sunday. Some of his friends are organising a small party at around 3pm

I’m too tired to write any more… See you tomorrow! (Wdith less tiredness:)

Please don’t forget to promote An Saol Day, 18 June. Please get your tickets for the movie and launch today.