Today was the last day of many days of recording people who had to say something about how persons with a severe brain injury are being looked after and how they should be looked after. We interviewed those directly affected by sABI, families, those working in the voluntary sector, and those working in and researching neurological rehabilitation.


I have been completely exhausted by the whole exercise and am wondering how my (now:) friend filming the interviews is doing. My guess is that he is even more exhausted because for him, as all this is new to him: the topics, the people, the city, the institution and organisations, all of it.

Tomorrow afternoon the ‘film director from Hollywood’ (he doesn’t like me to introduce him like this) will be heading home. Imagine, this is the cousin of a friend who has just spent the best part of two weeks plus a long and costly flight from LA to Germany and Dublin in order to film material he will be using to produce (long and) short video clips to promote proper neuro rehabilitation for persons with a severe Acquired Brain Injury (#sABI) by An Saol, to fundraise for An Saol, and to promote the launch of the An Saol  Project. I, we, owe him an über-huge Thank you! Besos y abrazos.