“Whether you say ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t’ – you’re right. — Pádraig was enjoying a re-play of last night’s Late Late Show and especially this quote by Fergal Quinn. I kinda liked that too!

Sunday night in Germany is “Tatort” night. It’s when all Germans are watching one if not the longest running detective series on TV world-wide. Forget CSI or The Mentalist. They might be clever, but Tatort is German. Which is probably the reason why I have never managed, over several decades, to convince the rest of the family to join me watching it. Just heard that I’ll either be watching it on my own or not be watching it at all. Such is life. Full of choices.

I have this plan to get prepared really well for the Dublin Marathon. Not having been able to ‘run’ the Hamburg Marathon this year (it was on the day we flew to Frankfurt – what a brilliant excuse:), I want to be really well prepared for Dublin. But I can only train when someone is with Pádraig. So I’m quite a bit behind. Although I’m a bit behind, today I decided to stick to the plan which showed a 16km run. As it happened, I left a bit late and. by the time I got going, one of the hottest days of the year so far was well on its way.

I managed to get back up the hill to the Centre, just about, around lunchtime. I drank more than two litres of water which were just “absorbed”. After an hour or so I had recovered and we headed off to Pforzheim’s “Wildpark”.

Today being Mother’s Day, it was packed with families and loads of small kids running around. The only animals we saw were varieties of dear and goats – though some of the goats were labeled as “Alpaca”.


When we saw the picture of a young girl on a fence, we first thought that it was some kind of a memorial. On second thoughts, it seemed unlikely that – although she looked very young – one of the goats would have mauled her. When we looked closer and read the text beside her picture it turned out that Opa and Oma had bought here a bronze Wildpark sponsorship and the park had, as a ‘thank you’, put up a picture of the little girl for all her friends to see. Germans.

We kept walking and eventually hit a wood that was just perfect.

Somewhere around here, a long time ago, little red riding hood must have met the big bad wolf on her way to visit her old and feeble grandmother. I am saying ‘long ago’ because these days its lads on their super dooper mountain bikes who ‘inhabit’ the woods it seems – more dangerous than any bad wolf could ever be. Notwithstanding, we had a really beautiful afternoon out. It was, almost, a perfect day. (Though I’m still drinking water with absolutely no urge whatsoever to get rid of it again. I have no idea what’s happening with all this water.)

The new super junior minister, Finian McGrath, has been on the news pushing for the rights of people with disabilities – today, the six o’clock news also had Martin Naughton, one of the most enigmatic wheelchair users you could meet, demanding that the new disability act should be signed into law. – We change things! Right?