Neither the October Revolution nor the Oktoberfest take place in October, but I thought that May is a bit early for having what looks and feels and tastes to all intends and purposes like an Oktoberfest. But, as we already knew, everything is possible in Pforzheim.


Taking advantages of the glorious sunshine and scorching temperatures, Pádraig and I made our way down into town to join the crowd for the Pforzheim Beer Festival – in May. To be honest, it felt a bit like an excuse to drink and eat a lot. But so what!? It was a great afternoon, seeing so many different people, smelling all the different foods on offer, feeling the warm sun and the cooling wind on our skin.

On the way back we passed by a Kaufhof Department Store where they were selling gift cards with really funny translations into English of German sayings, Sprichwörter.

Any idea of what this means???

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