When you believe in something and you have decided to go for it, you are embarking on a journey full of traps: things that attract your attention, want to absorb your energy, look really attractive – if you fell for them, they would ultimately mean the end of what you stand for.


Sports people know this: they have to be careful with what they eat or drink, and late nights out on the town, no matter how attractive the ice cream, the cold refreshing beer, and the good looking boys and girls are.

There are plenty of traps on the way to An Saol. Why not look after Pádraig first and foremost and exclusively, it surely absorbs all of our energy? Why not follow the example of most of the other parents we’ve met? What about all the plans of all the people in all the enterprises and organisations promising care and therapy and rehabilitation? Convince them to do something! Fight the health system! We deserve better!

These are all attractive and reasonable questions and beliefs. In the context of An Saol, however, they are traps. If we fell for them, they would distract and they would absorb all our energy, make us helpless and dependent victims.

Which we are not because we are Dreamboaters. We know about all the stuff going on around us. We know about “keeping all our options open”, “not rocking the boat”, “working the system”. We know that the options are dire, the boat is sinking and the system is broken. We know that we need to create an inspiring example of what can be done for persons whose life changed beyond recognition from one second to the next.

Because that is what you do in a civilised society. The right thing.

The way to the realisation of the An Saol Project is full of traps. But we will sail down that stream with all those Dreamboaters ready to join. We won’t get trapped.

Pádraig is keeping well and showing very small but definite signs of better keeping his posture. I can’t believe that it’ll only be another two days before we leave here on Thursday. Tomorrow, I’ll meet a new friend and an old friend and together we’ll be going to the Therapiezentrum Burgau to interview and film Prof. Andreas Bender. This will be the beginning of about two weeks of interviews and filming for the An Saol Project – documenting what needs to be done.