You’ve heard of them. I had. Mostly bad stuff.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 19.50.23

But yesterday, on father’s day, how appropriate!, I saw one in action for the first time. A flying camera, basically. Unbelievable. You can fly the drone 5km away from where you are and watch through the eye of a high resolution swivel camera on your iPad or on virtual reality glasses what the camera sees. Then you can press a button and it flies, by itself, back to where it took off. It avoids obstacles automatically and returns to you just before the batteries stall. Here is a 3:20 mins. clip to give you a taste (there’s no sound).

Today marked the end of the last full week of us here in Pforzheim. And Pádraig marked it with a few ‘firsts’ during his speech and language therapy: he ate his first half of a Hanuta (a chocolate biscuit with nuts), he had his first drink with a straw and he enjoyed two full strawberries. Brilliant.

In the afternoon, the weather was so nice that we had ‘Abendbrot’ (‘dinner’ would not be the correct translation:) on the balcony. Really really nice, warm, relaxed with dozens of birds singing into the evening.

This weekend, the Pforzheim beer festival is taking place and some of the people here went into town to check it out. We’ve kept that adventure for the weekend:)