Again, it’s much later than I wanted it to be. It’s not really a good time to write. But the days are so busy that I feel very much like as if I was running out of time. It’s Vatertag (father’s day) today which is the day when males, fathers or not, take out a ‘Bollerwagen’ and several crates of beer and head for the parks or woods to have a good time! What could be better than spending a long afternoon in male companionship and beer somewhere in the middle of nature? – At least that’s what I thought when I was around twenty.


No ‘Bollerwagen’ nor beer for me today – but a wonderful afternoon out in the most amazing home of the couple running the therapy centre here for ‘Kaffeetrinken’ with Pádraig who had a great time eating ice-cream in the sun. I don’t think we had spent as much time out doors as today. It was a brilliant day and it felt like a short holiday. A completely different world, just 3km up the road.

Pádraig’s ankle is still swollen but it’s looking better. We toned down the therapy today a bit to give the ankle a chance to recover.

Our new friend I so far only met over ‘hangout’ has booked his flights from Los Angeles to Germany and Ireland. He’ll be filming and interviewing here in Pforzheim and hopefully in Burgau, and then in Dublin, putting together material that will promote the An Saol Project. I still don’t believe that this will be happening. What a difference visual material will make to our efforts!

Another good bit of news is that both Headway and ABI Ireland will participate and contribute to our events on 18 June. Check out the ticket information here and pass it on to all you know. Get your tickets as soon as possible – there is only a limited number of them available!