It’s such an old, 20th century concept. Which makes me feel even older than I really am. Imagine – I remember the day we got our very first telephone and a line we shared with a neighbour. It was either us or them – never at the same time. Today, although theoretically I still have a telephone, it is not connected to any wire and I mostly use is for apps, browsing the web, and to take pictures – not to make phone calls.


Over the last couple of days, I ‘hang out’ (the Google word for Skype), on my “phone”, with the cousin of a very close friend of mine. This cousin is a film and film music maker. Myself trying to stay awake in the evening, him ‘hanging out’ in sunny California. The result of all this is that he will be coming to Pforzheim on Monday or Tuesday to shoot some footage of the centre here and of Pádraig. With a bit of luck, we’ll also be able to interview some of our German supporters of the An Saol project. And a week later, we’ll be doing some filming in Dublin trying to interview others affected by sABI. The idea is to create a video to promote the An Saol Project and our fundraising efforts on the web. – My head is spinning.

Seems like Pádraig twisted his ankle in the bootcamp. It’s swollen and sore. I tried ice today and an anti-inflammatory but this hasn’t shown any relief yet. Hopefully, after a good night’s rest it’ll all be better in the morning.