The duck came back today. Amazing how she had changed in just over a week! And amazing how Pádraig connected with the duck. Again.

This is just a very short, but very nice video featuring the duck and Pádraig! Watch it.

Much more serious stuff went on as well, for example the exercises with the cubes (are they cubes or what would you call them?): stacking and un-stacking them. It’s really interesting to see how something that has some purpose generates interest and justifies an effort. Have a look:


On a different note: we sold our first tickets for both the film, “Would you rather be dead”, and the launch of the An Saol Project with our national and international experts. Please tell all your family and friends to book their tickets soon to avoid disappointment – the number of ticket is limited and we want you all to be there!!! Tweet, email, Facebook, talk, ring, visit – and tell everybody you know about the exciting stuff that’ll happen on 18 June in Dublin. Tell them that they will have to be there, no matter what!