The most unlikely kind of therapy: duck. Just five days old. He made Pádraig look at him. With both eyes open. Perfectly aligned. A new “first”!


Match that! How could it get better today? – It did.

This is a short-term memory game for which you have to be able to remember, see, recognise, and react appropriatelyIMG_3909

There is this red box on the screen and loads of pictures that move from right to left across the screen. The trick is to press the button when the picture  you had memorised appears and just as it passes through  the red box on the screen.

Watch it! – No bother to Pádraig!

And here is the famous Lokomat.


.With Pádraig ‘walking’.

A day full of ‘firsts’! How motivating and exciting is that! Can it get any betters??