Everything is possible. If you want to.

Pádraig can travel in a commercial aircraft. So what?


Nonetheless, it was a big day today.

And the run up to it was almost as exciting as the day itself.

It felt like as if I had slept about five minutes when I got up really early to pack the car with too many bags, get Pádraig ready, and head for the airport. Aer Lingus were really nice and allowed us to check in our hand luggage for free – which was a life saver because our ‘hand’ luggage was, in fact, three cases of exactly the maximum size of that they allow you to take with you on board.

The following are snaps chronicling what happened today: in Dublin airport at the crack o’dawn out onto the runaway because the bridge had decided to brake down on a weekend when not mechanics are nowhere to be found; “head up” on the plane wasn’t easy when his long legs were pushing against the seat in front; out special service bus waiting beside the plane on the runaway in Frankfurt; the special container-type lift taking us down from the plane and opening up directly into the bus; arrival at our wonderful apartamento, with a balcony and a nice sofa, and a view of the brilliant sensory garden below.

Despite being absolutely exhausted, Pádraig managed to eat for the first time ever since his accident, a full Bratwurst, and drink a glass of orange lemonade. It’s a sign of things to come… in the true dreamboater spirit!

We’re going to bed eearly-ish as we’ll start the programme tomorrow morning at 8am.

What a day! Everything is possible!