Following an amazing day of therapy with a tiny baby duck, today it was high tech computer EEG-led therapy that doesn’t do magic but, apparently has helped people with different kinds of brain-related illnesses and injuries.


I’d heard about it. I’d talked about it to some people. I’d read a little about what it does. – But I’d never seen it in action. Today was Pádraig’s first neuro-feedback day. The idea of neuro-feedback is that a computer programme can train self-regulation of brain function at an unconscious level using sound and video feedback in relation to your brain’s activity.

Whether it’ll help or not we don’t know – to me it’s worth a try.

From this afternoon, Pádraig and I will be on our own until Thursday next week. I just thought that I’ll be doing the job of six carers and that I’ve been doing all along. Over the 4-5 weeks that will save the HSE thousands of euro. You wonder what’ll happen to that money… And I wonder whether the HSE should have assessed the risk to me as they had to with the carers who had to hold Pádraig’s head in the tilt table – they now won’t because of the risks to their arm. And just in case you wondered – this is *not* a joke.