You recognise what kind of person you’re dealing with by looking at their socks. Don’t believe the people who’re trying to convince you it’s their shoes. They are wrong. It’s the socks! Watch them.


Now, Pádraig didn’t have much say in the selection of this pair, but I’d say he would’ve liked them. There’s loads of imagination and colour. A blue sky, a night sky with stars and a moon and a planet. No limits. Just space.

Tonight, we went out to a Pub to celebrate the graduation of the daughter of very good friends. It was great to see her being so happy, having worked so hard, now being prepared, with her PhD, for the next phase in her life. It felt real strange being in a pub surrounded by a sea of ‘normal’ life.

Check out a letter by the CEO of Headway in response to the article in the Irish Times about the long waiting times for the NRH.

Anaju, Vorhang auf – a great German song. “Die Welt geht nicht unter, nimmt nur ihren Lauf”.