I’d never heard so much about “risks” in my life. The past two and a half years seemed to be just full of them. Never had I been involved in as many “risk assessments” either. It made me feel like there was danger lingering around each and every corner – and sometimes even on what seemed to me like a straight road where all the obstacles were clearly visible.

You know, I know: Life is, indeed, risky.

What became clear to me only lately, however, is that when risk is assessed it is not the risk to Pádraig, or other injured or sick people. It is the risk to those supposed to be looking after them.

One of the risks, recently assessed, for his carers, was to hold up their arms to support Pádraig’s head when he is in the tilt table.

Mmmhhh – I hear you thinking. And you are right. I was wondering myself.

Talking to other people in a similar situation recently, I heard that they had 28 different carers in just one week looking after their family member. I couldn’t even imagine the risks there, risks for 28 (!) carers.

I also heard that another family asked, in a nursing home. how often someone came into the room to check on their family member. They were told that someone would come in and check every hour. That did not sound so bad to them until they saw a list in the toilet where someone had to verify, with their signature, that they had checked the toilet – every half an hour. I guess, there are more risks in the toilet.

I am going to check if I can book an evening in the Laughter Lounge. On 01 April next year. You could not make it up if you wanted to. Sadly.

… Pádraig got a visit today from people I hadn’t met before. Two kind ladies from down the road called in to say ‘hello’ and to wish him well on his road to recovery. What a nice surprise and what a kind gesture!