Pádraig started to work his magic this week. It might be hard to believe if you haven’t experienced it yourself first hand.

His therapists are as excited as I am discovering every day, together with Pádraig, new things he’s able to do. It’s contagious. Like a virus. But a good one.

Think about it: here is the first person to be discharged home with this level of brain injury. It’s taking four months to make this happen because so many people are so afraid about so many things that might go so wrong that they check, like Santa, everything twice. No-one else has ever been discharged from the NRH with this level of care, apparently. There are so many “Firsts” here you could fill a book.

Once discharged, this person is turning out to be the miracle man.

He smiles when the therapists come in to work with him. He is so happy to see him. He cycles by himself, he moves limbs he never moved before. Yesterday, I forgot to mention this, he followed instructions to “deeply breath in….. and breathe out…..” and then “breathe in…, hold your breath…, and slowly breathe out…” – essential for generating sounds, for using his voice. He hadn’t done this before. But then, nobody had asked him to do this before either!

You’ll remember that two days ago he started to cycle by himself using the viva the MOTOMed, for a minute or two, and very slow 8-9 rpm. Yesterday, he cycled for nearly 30 minutes, at around 10-11 rpm. Today, he obviously had figured out how this works and cycled the half and hour with an incredible  – not 20, not 30, but 38 rpm! This is a speed faster than ever before in assisted cycling mode where we never went above 25-30 rpm.

Finally, I got a phone call today from Beaumont Hospital. Pádraig has an appointment not with one, but with two eye specialists who believe they can do something about his closed eyelids.

Can’t wait for the next miracle. What’s going on here is truly breath-taking. Go Pádraig! Go Dreamboaters!