There are some people with huge levels of energy who in their own amazing way manage to share this with others. They create this aura around them that makes you ‘go’ with them. They give you the encouragement and the motivation and the drive to do stuff you didn’t either bother to do or, if you did, weren’t able to do.


Today, Pádraig had a visit from a therapist who managed to make him lift one foot and put it down. Then to lift the other foot and put it down. Then to do the same with one leg. Then the other. And then both legs together.

Try it out yourself: sit on a chair and lift both legs up high in the air. See?

It ain’t easy. I have no idea how Pádraig managed to do this today.

You know, I don’t believe in this (Germans are very rational people) but there must be some energy, some power, something that even German engineers (and you know how brilliant they are about explaining things) could not explain.

It didn’t stop there but got even better later in the day.

Pádraig got really fed up with the alphabet table and the stupid spelling exercises being stuck with those three or four letter words that have no meaning by themselves – other than consisting of letters coming up relatively early in the frequency alphabet. Ja isses denn ein Wunder? would Nina Hagen say. And, to be honest, I would agree. Since we don’t want to give up on the switch, however, Pat has started some new exercises. With his hands. Not complex, but really really difficult for someone who so far had extremely little coordination and control of his limbs.

Ion’t that incredible?