First of all, I must apologise to all who got a bit of a fright because of the title of last night’s blog post. I was thinking of something going viral, of energy being contagious, in a real good way.

And this is what is happening.

Look at this.

Almost 2.5km in half an hour at 40rpm. By himself.

The physio asked us to programme the motor moving Pádraig’s legs in the VIVA El MOTOMed at 10rpm so that Pádraig wouldn’t get tired or overstretched.

He is cycling by himself at 40 (!) rpm. For half an hour!

Here is the proof.

Is that not absolutely amazing??!!

Tonight a few friends called in and brought a brand new exclusive CD with international Irish stars singing their songs in Irish. You cannot buy it anywhere yet, you can’t get it anywhere yet as a CD. Except in Pádraig’s room now. (You can download it from here though.) I’ll show you the world-exclusive cover and play you a few songs tomorrow!