What do start, tall, told, and street have in common?


We went through the months and, yes, and of course, he knew it was January.

He didn’t know what date it is today. We reminded him that last Tuesday, 12th, we had a birthday in the family. So if Tuesday was the 12th, what date is it today? 16th. Yes.

Tonight I made a simple dinner. We had it first. And then he had it. Different consistency. But it was the same food. And he liked it.

Then we were talking about the trips we had been on. There was this insanely long, out of this world train trip to Lourdes. Did he want to go again this Pentecost? Of course he does!

It was Pádraig at his best: adventurous, yearning for life, curious.

And bright: great at his spelling.