It’s official.

Today, Pádraig has been discharged from the NRH.

He’s been there for almost 16 weeks to be assessed for a home care package that would provide for help so that he and us could manage at home. That has now been submitted as well and everybody expects a positive decision real soon.

It feels strange, though.

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We got to know loads of people in the NRH. Between cooks, doctors, social workers, therapists, nurses, and care workers there were dozens of people looking after Pádraig. Sure, the ‘H’ in NRH gives it away: it’s a hospital. And, as we’ve learned over the past two and a half years, hospitals are institutions with procedures, routines, hierarchies, and all sorts of other difficult-to-deal-with stuff. But, as hospitals go, the NRH is a good place. And as staff in hospitals goes, they’re good, at times even brilliant, at times not what you’d expect. I’m sure I wasn’t (always) like what they’d expected. There were sometimes really difficult situations, there were really deeply understanding moments, and there was even banter and fun. What I appreciate is above the table, straight conversations. I recognise that this is, to an extend, possible, but that there are limitations to this, in a hospital environment. Although, personally, I don’t see a reason for it. Overall it’s such a charged environment, huge emotions, plenty of vulnerable people, loads of on-the-edge stuff, risks, room for mistakes, room for brilliance, room for disaster. It’s a really difficult place to develop trust, even though this is the most important ingredient of a hospital stay. But you know that when you have an accident with your car your insurance demands from you that you never admit that you were at fault. It’s a bit like that too when you treat patients, I guess. The thing is that we all know what works well and what doesn’t. I have been ready to talk about our perspective of things, which might be incomplete and mistaken, but worthwhile considering I would have thought, I have loads of ideas of stuff that can be done, even as things stand, with the existing resources. So, let’s talk, right? There were amazing things that happened in the NRH. Pádraig will, hopefully, be back as an outpatient, after a bit of a waiting time.

Tonight, we “Don’t look back“, though. We look forward to an exciting year when really exciting things will happen. With no boundaries. No restrictions. No ‘that’s the system’. No ‘you won’t be able to change that’. But with power, perseverance, positivity, can-do, love, energy, lust for life, friends, music, travel, Dreamboaters.