This is getting boring and un-exciting. No drama. No controversies. No emotions. No real change in anything. No German songs or sayings. Nothing. Except a dry, boring, pretty predictable, sometimes a little self-indulging update on what is important to me but not really to many more people out there. What do you think? Who is interested in the daily grind, the daily ups and downs, the daily routine boredom, even if it is so tough, so heart-breaking, so infuriating, so full of hope, so exciting, so spectacular — for me?


Today I thought, it’s almost time to write the book. Hopi-tales unplugged. Written with only Pádraig in mind, not anybody else. And if someone feels hurt, they probably should. And if someone feel flattered, they probably should too.

Today I thought, Pádraig’s accident sent us all on a mission, including himself. Here’s a new meaning of lift, Dreamboater. You’ll sail down the stream in this construct that wasn’t ever meant to make it.

Today the question is a bit more difficult than yesterday: What have “idiot”, “nice”, and “date” have in common? They can all be spelled using just the first two lines of the English frequency alphabet. And… Pádraig spelled these words today. What will he write when he’s learned all the lines of this alphabet? What is it that he’ll tell us?

He also remembered that today was Sunday.

Today, I fixed the dates of the Californian fundraising cycle with the friend who’ll accompany me. We’ll buy the tickets next and start to get the “operation” transformation going.

Tomorrow, I’ll go with one of Pádraig’s friend up to Belfast to get advice on strategy for An Saol.