Loads of things happened over the past two days.

Pádraig did the equivalence of a one-person table quiz about Kodaline. He refused to answer the first question which was, admittedly, too simple to merit an answer: do you spell Kodaline with at “K” or a “C”. I mean…. He then had all the answers right. Which instrument one of the guys plays. Whether there were from Sallynoggin or Swords. How many of them made up the group. It was incredible to see him remembering all these details.


Then today there was a neurologist assessing him. Loads of therapy. A long day.

Also got some more suggestions for possible space for An Saol’s therapy centre – at least some temporary space, but some hints also pointed at potential permanent space. Will follow up on firm up over the next days.

Met the co-owner of a bike shop who will look around and help me with some sponsorship for the cycles.

Tonight three of his friends came for a visit. Being home makes all this so much easier.

I’m still in awe of his friends. They really are absolutely and utterly incredible people, the likes I’d never met before!

Tired and ready for bed!