Just before I went to the bicycle shop today to get the bike serviced and fixed, Pat asked Pádraig, whether I was going to go shopping. No, he clicked using his switch. Then she asked him whether I was going to the bicycle shop. Yes, he clicked using his switch.

When that worked, she asked him whether one of yesterday’s visitors had been in his Irish class. No, he clicked. Was she in his history class? Yes, he clicked. And what about the other visitor. Was she in his history class too? No , he clicked. Was she in his Irish class. Yes, he clicked.


This all sounds a bit clinical, when you write it down. When you see and hear it happening, it’s so amazing, it’s almost beyond belief. So, here he is, taking in what’s going on around him, remembering who he studied with, and which subjects, and there was the health professional, weeks ago, who said, beside his bed, he might have been better off dead. Did he hear this? Did he understand it? What do you think? Who and what needs to be switched on?

At the same time, at the same time he is showing an amazing degree of being awake, of remembering, of understanding, he has problems eating because his saliva has turned into a jelly-like substance. Not by coincidence, or by accident, that doesn’t happen. It wasn’t an issue before he had to take drugs to control the shakes. Now the shakes are gone and I believe it’s time to reduce the medication. We’ll see.

Got a whole long list of possible places for the An Saol Therapy Centre. But no firm, not even a firm-ish trail. Something will have to happen next week.

Talking about next week…. That was the week Pádraig was to go on his second stint in Pforzheim. We had great plans about what he was going to achieve there this time. Instead, we are struggling to straighten one of his arm, trying to keep the other arm ‘clear’, he is on medication he hadn’t needed for the best part of a year, and he is still, at least in theory, in hospital. We had to cancel Pádraig intensive therapy and continue to hope that all will be sorted out within the next few weeks.

Change will come. It has to.