There is an infinite list of hay-que-hacer things, stuff that needs to get done. One thing more urgent, more important than the other. Realistically, there is only a slim chance that even a fraction of the things that need-to-get-done so urgently and importantly will get done. It feels like living in the eye of the storm. You know you are surrounded by devastation but you find yourself in a place of unreal tranquility, managing, for the moment, to ignore what’s going on around you.


The only chance I see is that the storm won’t hit all at once.

Today was the day of the funeral. Pádraig and I stayed at home. We had a person coming in to test some equipment with Pádraig. A friend called in with divine croissants and unbelievably nice carrot  cake. In the evening, three of Pádraig’s friends called in.

Could it be that the storm just passed?