I’ll keep it short tonight.

Pádraig is ready for his medication to be reduced. No more shakes and no more tremors. We’ll figure out a way to do this.

We continue working on body and mind with Pádraig. We do stretches and ‘mobilisation’ exercises every day and have great hopes to bring the movement of his left arm back to where it was some weeks ago: a straight stretch – or, as the physios would say it: a 0o stretch (it got to 60o last Wednesday). Pádraig is also using the switch again every day. Today he spelled his a four letter word, always using the first two lines of the English frequency alphabet. All really great stuff.

When Pádraig was swimming in Kentucky, he loved a t-shirt that said: “No. I do not play Basketball!” because everybody was asking him that question, as he was so tall. I have been thinking of a different t-shirt (thinking a bit about what I mentioned in yesterday’s blog).

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 00.10.34

The pledge for the 2016 election candidates is ready and being reviewed as we speak (or write:). It will contain the testimonies of three families underpinning what we ask of the candidates. I hope that we will be able to circulate this on Tuesday.

Next week, I will also start planning the LA-SF fundraising cycle in earnest. – Any volunteers to help with the preparations (PR, social media gurus, writers, video editors, contacting {famous} Irish people on the west coast, cycling clubs etc., project/route management)?

Oíche mhaith!