A couple of days ago, I had a look at my profile on LinkedIn and decided, for the first time since I set it up, to edit it. I added my ‘new position’ as the founder and CEO of An Saol. You wouldn’t believe the amount of messages I got from people wishing me well in my new position! The visitors to the blog almost trebled for the day.

The truth is that I had that ‘position’ for a while. Nobody else wanted it. Maybe because it doesn’t pay. At all, at all. But – it sounds great!


Today, I made an agreement with An Saol’s first real employee to be, to run An Saol’s Sara Walsh Therapy Centre and Services. (Still haven’t got the space, but that will come. No doubt.)

We’ll also have the meeting of families affected by severe Acquired Brain Injury (sABI) later this week.

An Saol is making progress and at times, like tonight, I think An Saol will really change the neuro rehab scene in Ireland. Once we get going at the beginning of April, nothing will ever be the same. (Don’t forget that we’ll need your help to make all this happen!)

Pádraig went to the NRH an hour today for OT – which was absolutely brilliant. It was a real pleasure to see the understanding between him and the therapist, and, above all, his command of ‘the switch’ – which he had not been using for quite some time. He’ll be back there again tomorrow for physio and the ward round.

Started to run again this morning and almost ‘died’ running up that never-ending hill towards Ballymun. Will start swimming again next week. Waiting for my friend to come up with an easy triathlon later in the year.

It’ll be all about doing it, not the position I’ll end up in:)