Space – The Ultimate Frontier.


Well, we’ll just have to take on and overcome that ‘frontier’. We wouldn’t be the first.

I haven’t got an offer for space for An Saol yet, but that’ll come. No doubt. You are spreading the word. Over the next few days someone will come up with something! Right?

No more frontiers.

We really really need this space – be it a bit of land to set up a prefab (for starters) or an existing space we can adapt (if needed).

Take a minute and post this request on your websites, Facebook pages, and tweet like hell about it! Of course, you could also use the old-fashioned way and call your friends and contacts. This bit we won’t be able to do it without your help!

We’ll start doing something very pragmatic and effectual because persons are neglected and subjected to a life that you cannot even imagine. You would not agree to send your parents to a nursing home? You wouldn’t want to go there yourself? Then just imagine for a moment that the only option for your child to be ‘looked after’ would be in a nursing home. For the rest of their life. At the mercy of an understaffed, under-regulated, and under-equipped system never meant to look after young persons.

Over the next week or so, An Saol will hold a meeting of families affected by severe Acquire Brain Injury (sABI). They need your help.

We had the best day for a long time with Pádraig. It was the first dry day and as two of his friends came over to visit, we went out with them to Griffith Park. After that they told him and us about there adventures in life. They left absolutely brilliant music for him that the two of us listened to when he had dinner.

A beautiful day with beautiful people full of life. The way it should be.