Pádraig is home home tonight.

Having him here with us, being able to look after him, enjoying life together, is the happiest feeling I could imagine. There is no stress, no pressure, no fear.

And, just in case you were wondering: yes, MCD confirmed that he’ll be welcome to attend the soundcheck tomorrow afternoon, before the Kodaline concert. Isn’t that super cool?

Tonight, we also got a visit from Pádraig’s GP. She accompanied Pádraig from the day of his accident on his journey even when she was far away in Dublin, and Pádraig on Cape Cod or in Germany. It was amazing to see how well and immediately she connected to Pádraig, and he to her.

Also heard more on the progress of some of Pádraig’s equipment. Things are most definitely moving.


Life and what happens in it is always a matter of perspective. We look at the same world but we see it in completely different ways. Isn’t that amazing? Even more amazing is that most of the time, most of us don’t think about it – we just find it so strange that other people don’t get it, instead of trying to understand how their perspective changes their perception of the world. And ours ours.