They are a bunch of lads from Swords who went to the Christian Brothers (except one of them) and started to form a band. They dreamt of playing the Point. Tonight they did. And they made sure Pádraig and his friends were looked after well. Really well.

Had I not been there today, I would not have believed it. The call. The text. The drive up to the Point, well the “Three Arena”, or the “Two Point Three” (for the insiders:). We were to go to the Rivergate on the North Quay.

If you’re ever feeling lonely
If you’re ever feeling down
You should know you’re not the only one ‘cause I feel it with you now
When the world is on your shoulders and you’re falling to your knees
Oh please
You know love will set you free

There were no uniforms. You just dress in black. It’ll do.

The gate opened, we were whisked in and parked beside cars that looked like they were owned and driven by stars. Turned out, the lad passing us on his scooter was a Kodaliner.

The doors were all opened widely and in we went into the empty Three Arena.

And then the band came out to say ‘hello’ to Pádraig.


When does stuff like this happen? – Love will set you free.

Then the sound check started.

It felt like a private concert by one of Ireland’s biggest bands, friends of Pádraig, in Ireland’s largest music venue.

The band and the promoter said it was the least they could do, Kodaline would always look after Pádraig and MCD Promotions said keep in touch, whatever we can do.

It was a very long day for Pádraig. And some incredible experience. The first of many concerts to come. One that neither Pádraig nor any of us will ever forget.

The energy, the love, the generosity, the believe in your dreams. There is nothing that will stop Pádraig living his life – it’s just too precious and too valuable, and fun!

Thank you to the band, MCD Promotions, and Pádraig’s friends who helped to make this happen and spent a fantastic night with him at his first concert!