The call came in today: the promoters (MCD) and the band will make sure that Pádraig will have the time of his life at the Kodaline concert on Saturday. Wow! How cool is that? Sound check! Concert! An evening of first class music! Brilliant!

Another first today. I received an email from an occasional reader who felt that I had misunderstood and subsequently misrepresented the situation about Pádraig’s home care package and asked me to correct this.

I had said that the application had not even been submitted to the corresponding HSE office – referring to the office that would take the final decision. While this is true, what I had not mentioned was the enormous and tireless effort by dozens of people who put an enormous amount of work and time into all the supporting paperwork for this application, the dozens of people who met us over the past 10+ weeks assessing Pádraig and preparing the paperwork. I also did not mention that, of course, most details of the application have been agreed by the NRH and our local HSE Home Care Manager.

So, it’s far more involved and complicated then I had described it: a home care package application has indeed been made to the Home Care Manager of our local HSE Area (this is not the person who will take the final decision). After this manager has approved it all, it will then be advanced to the Intensive Homecare Package Office for final approval by them. This is a lengthy process and involves a lot of checking on prices etc.

So, in case I made it sound as if no one had bothered to make the right application at all – that was never my intention. The process is well in hand, and we’re kept well informed of where it is at any given time.