It was a bit as if Santa had arrived early – or Nikolaus late: Pádraig got a brand new food mixer (haven’t unpacked and checked this yet for suitability) and a great invention called WendyLett. They are like satin-type bed covers and sheets that will allow us to position Pádraig in bed with much more ease. It’s also made of a material that looks great and protects the skin from sores much more effectively than ordinary sheets.

Pádraig also found a great new use for the buttons: I never knew when Pádraig was ready for the next spoon during eating time. Now, we are practising to push the button when he is ready. Not perfect yet, but it kinda works.


This morning, I looked up Tom Clonan and his campaign to get better services for home care. Tom is a well-know security analyst, journalist and campaigner in Ireland. He had been on the radio recently and left a really good impression. Then I thought: what if Tom was to be interested in getting involved in an An Saol meeting… So I emailed him. Then I thought about possible topics for this event, and here is what I could come up with, not necessarily in this order and not exclusively these:

  • Treatment abroad: the practicalities of the EU’s Cross Border Directive
  • Question the professionals: recurring topics in the acute hospital and in rehab
  • Take charge: Legal issues around severe head injury
  • Best Practice: Facilitating recovery long-term
  • Reality Bites: The politics and practice of long-term care in Ireland
  • Round table: The Family Perspective – followed by open mic

We would need a good venue and a really good MC, at least for the round table and open discussion.

What do you think?

I had heard that word before, resilience, but when I heard it mentioned today again I looked it up. It’s a great word to describe what defines a Dreamboater: you believe in yourself and your resources, you never give up, you’ll never allow anybody to drag you down, you take charge and show the way – even after a catastrophic accident.