Pat and I were in Salamanca in 1980, getting to know each other (at least that’s what I thought:), when we heard that John Lennon had been shot. None of us could believe it. I thought: if this peace-loving man managed to annoy someone so badly that he decided to shoot him, my chances of a long life weren’t great. What I didn’t understand then was that nobody would really care enough about what I’d be doing to ever bother killing me.

There are times when I wonder how I could change that (=making people really care).

Today, Pádraig is 10 weeks in the NRH for assessment that was required by the HSE to approve a care package.

As a German, I’m really concerned that the application for Pádraig’s home care package, including the care proposed and his equipment, has still not even been submitted to the corresponding HSE office – never mind been approved.

As an Irish person, I’m really delighted that his “PAs”, his  “personal assistants” (not: “carers”!) will be trained in the NRH next Monday and Tuesday – meaning that everybody feels really confident that the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place very soon.

I can’t but hope that it’ll be the Irish way that’ll work here.

Today is also the Day of the Immaculate Conception and the day that the people from the country, ‘culchies’, are coming to town to do their Christmas shopping. Christmas is near…

Imagine. A new year. An Saol. With a focus on what is possible. For support. Dignity. Autonomy.