If you are a Kodaline fan, and even if you aren’t, you could do worse than checking out their new version of Love will set you free as Gaeilge. It’s beautiful. And it’ll be on a new disc to be released by 2fm and Raidio Rí Rá. With a bit of luck, it’ll see the light of day just before Christmas (according to one of Pádraig’s really good friends).

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Tuesday is the day of ’rounds’. Not many news but time to ask questions and to clarify things. Then there was a combined OT and physio session where Pádraig started to respond adequately and correctly some quite demanding questions.

In my mind, Pádraig’s case had never been very exceptional, or rare. In my mind, there had always been many young people like him, with a sever traumatic brain injury, who needed the right support and continued care and therapy. We are now hearing that there are very few persons with his ‘profile’, not just in Ireland, but in the world, who would have had the kind of care, therapy, and treatment he received, and who, after more than two years, made such dramatic and spectacular improvements as Pádraig.

What all this means, I don’t know….

Today, we got a copy of a meeting report that the HSE will receive soon. This will inform the person(s) in the HSE responsible for making a decision.  It will happen. there’ no doubt agout it.

Tonight is one of those evenings I can barely keep my eyes open – better finish here for tonight…