Call it what it is. Call a spade a spade.

We have a proposed care plan. We have a proposed equipment list (almost). But we don’t have a therapy plan; not even an outline.

I have learnt that what is being referred to as ‘community’ by social workers, doctors, therapists, and nurses in the NRH is the service provided by the HSE to those living at home, in the community.

For the past eight weeks, Pádraig’s care in the ‘community’ is being prepared. That care does not seem to include any kind of therapy – unless you count good positioning, going for walks, or appropriate eating as therapy. I am talking about physio, OT, music, speech- and language, and cognitive therapies.

We have asked for therapies that would be recommended for Pádraig as well as for therapies that would be offered to Pádraig, but haven’t received straight answers so far.

I would understand if I was told: we have assessed Pádraig’s needs but, unfortunately, we do not have the expertise or the resources to cater for them. That would be straight. It would ‘call a spade a spade’. It would make it clear that something is needed that cannot be supplied. We could then work on changing this unsatisfactory situation – we all. Together.

But, I suppose, it’s not easy to ‘call a spade a spade’. It’s not easy to admit, openly, transparently, honestly, that there is a desperate, undisputed need that is not being covered. Even if that was one first step towards a better health system.

Roll on An Saol!

An Saol

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