When Pat helped Pádraig with is food yesterday, he did something very new and extraordinary: as the spoon touched his lips, he lifted his arm to push Pat’s hand away. The food was too hot!

Isn’t that great?


When I came in this morning I was told that Pádraig had to be suctioned early in the morning, that he had not been great with his breakfast, and that a little later he had vomited. During the day he really seemed to be down, barely responsive, and not at all himself. Nobody understood what was going on. Then we learned late this evening that he had barely slept and had tried to make himself heard as he was uncomfortable. The thought of this, the thought of a night or even hours like this brought up a whole bucket full of emotions. It was the first time this had happened and I hope it won’t happened again any time soon. Just imagine to be in such a situation for a second, minute, hour. The fact that Pádraig is coping makes him an absolute hero in my eyes.

Let’s wish him a good night’s rest. And pray he’ll be able to rests. – He deserves it.

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