Around the block.

This weekend the weather was well enough for us to go out for a walk in the afternoon around the block, for the first time. Yesterday, they went down the road towards Drumcondra. Today, we went up the road towards Botanic Rd. and back via Lindsay.


It’s amazing how your perspective on footpaths and roads changes when you’re pushing a wheelchair. Footpaths that are not lowered at the corners making crossing the road a difficult manoeuvre. Gigantic trees growing in the middle of the footpath leaving just about the space needed to pass. Potholes and cracks looking as if a small earthquake had just hit Dublin. But it was brilliant. And it was just the first of many walks around Drumcondra and Glasnevin, and even down to the Botanics or the beach. Nothing like feeling the air, the wind, the sun in your face, hearing cars, people, kids, dogs passing by.

It’s also amazing how being away changes your perspective. It’s when you stop for a moment that you feel how tired and exhausted you really are. It’s also easier to see priorities.

One of these is to get An Saol and its services ‘on the road’. I think there are three items to be worked on in the first instance: a launch, the therapy services, and fundraising. If you want to help with that, click here and let me know!

Back in the NRH tonight, looking at Pádraig’s therapy plan for the coming week, we discovered a ‘team training community session’ preparing the next steps for Pádraig’s move out of the NRH and home, it seems. It all takes its time. But things seem to be moving. Eight weeks ago tonight, we were on the ferry from Cherbourg to Rosslare. Two days later, Pádraig arrived here in the NRH to be assessed for a home care package.

“We don’t choose to be born. But we choose to live.”

“We cannot choose to be born. But can we choose to be free?”

Around the block.