x-g-v-p “ja”

u-d-q-d-w-a “ja”

e-r-t “ja”


This is what the day was about.

Pádraig used his right hand to hold a switch. When he pressed the switch a pre-recorded voice said “ja”. So when I asked him to spell “Pat” (I didn’t want to start him off with “Reinhard”:) by pressing the button each time he heard the correct, next letter of that name – he did.

Isn’t that absolutely fantastic?!

We’ll keep practicing (inspired by the incredible “C” foot switch exercise) and the first attempts of spelling made in Pforzheim.

There was also a big meeting between HSE nurses, managers, and therapists, and the NRH specialists looking after Pádraig. We were invited to join this meeting for its second part. In essence, an application for a home care package is about to be completed and considered. This package, if approved, will provide for a certain number of hours of care per week for Pádraig. They are also considering to provide equipment. This is the good news.

Can’t wait to practice a new word with Pádraig tomorrow.