The funny highlight of Pádraig’s day – he had a huge huge smile on his face – was when an OT asked him whether he was having her on. When she wanted to find out from him what was going on!


She had spent quite some time with a switch under “his left foot” asking him to press it once for ‘yes’ and twice for ‘no’ which worked out quite well until Pádraig decided not to lift his foot up from the switch anymore.

He thought that was hilarious. What a laugh!

It all happened during his music therapy session when a number of therapists, supported by quite a few student therapists, tried to engage Pádraig with songs and talk. It worked but parts of it were so staged that Pádraig didn’t do much more than playing along without great enthusiasm.

Until he had some unrehearsed, pure fun. An Saol!

An Saol