Here’s something I wrote earlier, in fact last night, as the time of our departure today two years ago was approaching.

I can’t sleep.

Today, exactly two years ago, I couldn’t sleep either. Because Pádraig and I were going to leave Dublin in an air ambulance really early in the morning to get treatment for him in Germany. Treatment Pádraig could not get in Dublin within a reasonable time.

There was a therapist in Beaumont Hospital who had got up in the middle of the night to get Pádraig ready for the trip. There were nurses saying goodbye. Holy Water was shared and prayers said.

Today, we’re back in Ireland, knowing that if we want to stay here it’ll be us who will have to organise the therapies Pádraig and so many other persons with severe ABI who want to live at home so desperately need.

We will have to be the change we’ve been waiting for.

Two years on, the pain is still there and I have this feeling that it will never go away.

But two years on, Pádraig is with us, he has decided to live, he is taking part in life. He enjoys food, company, humour, and music. He has touched hundreds if not thousands of people around the world and is our inspiration. He is at the helm of the Dreamboat.