Church in Church Street.

imagesWe used to go there with Pádraig years ago to Irish Mass. Today we went back and I guess we’ll be going there on as many Sunday’s as possible.

An elderly lady with a shopping trolley squeezed in to sit beside Pat – though the church was almost empty.

When mass was over, she asked what had happen to Pádraig, how old he was, where it had happened, where did he live, and that it was a terrible day, a terrible day, outside, and that he was lucky to be alive.

She asked and said all this a few times, accompanying us back to the car, through the wind and the rain, with her shopping trolley. You probably know her.

If you don’t, you’ll recognise her next time to go to church in Church Street. Sundays, 10am, Irish Mass. She’ll be sitting there, squeezed in, beside Pat.