HomeHome for the weekend. Day 2.

Don’t know how the day passed. In an instant.

Nothing really happened. It was just nice and relaxed.

There are so many things that have to be done here in the house before everything will be back to a ‘normal’ household, but all of that will happen. It’ll take time but it will happen. And tonight, I’m sitting on our kitchen table! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the first time in many months. It’s not even dusty!

We’ll have to organise Pádraig’s room and his stuff again, as we had to do each time he moved hospital or apartment. A health website counts moving house amongst the 5 most stressful situations in life (with death of a loved one, divorce, major illness, and job loss). A BBC site asks “Is moving home one of life’s most stressful events?” – I don’t know anyone who has “moved” as much a Pádraig did over the past two years and a bit. It has become part of his life, I guess. (And by far *not* one of the most stressful ones, I can tell you for nothing.)

We’re settling in. He’s settling in. Even though this time it’ll be just for the weekend. We’ve started to put things back into their place. We even discovered how many uses a high-tech hoist can have!

The 1,001 uses of a hoist.

The 1,001 uses of a hoist.

It has been a good day today. – Except for the news that one of our young friends with an ABI had to return to a nursing home, hopefully only for a very short while.